SCEC Approved Locksmith Briefing



This briefing is designed for suitably qualified locksmiths who wish to become SCEC (Security Construction & Equipment Committee) Approved. The SCEC Approved Locksmith maintains mechanical and digital combination locks fitted to SCEC Approved containers. SCEC also recommends Approved Locksmiths are used to fit locks and associated hardware to doors and windows of certain Australian Government security zones.

Subjects covered in the briefing include:

  • Containers inspection, servicing and reporting procedures.
  • Physical security locking requirements of the Protective Security Policy Framework and ASIO Technical Notes.
  • An assessment to demonstrate competency.

Day two of the briefing will consist of certification workshops from Kaba Australia Pty Ltd on the X10, and Locksmith Supply Company on the S&G 2740a and 2740b. If you have already undertaken either (or both) of these workshops you may opt-out; please indicate your intentions with regard to these workshops when submitting your application form. Certification on these locks will shortly be a mandatory condition of maintaining SCEC approval. 

When a locksmith meets all of the requirements for SCEC approval, their details are entered on a SCEC Approved Locksmith Register which is maintained by T4 Protective Security.

Briefings are conducted in Canberra at a cost of $750 GST inclusive. This includes morning/afternoon tea and a light lunch. A SCEC Approved Locksmith identification card and certificate (valid for four years) will be issued on successful completion of the briefing. Travel and accommodation costs are not included. 



T4 Protective Security (on behalf of the SCEC) has scheduled the following briefing sessions in 2016: 

  • 15-16 August 2016 (complete applications must be received by 12 July 2016)
  • 28-29 November 2016 (complete applications must be received by 25 October 2016)

*Please note: briefings have minimum entry requirements and will only proceed if a minimum number of suitable, complete applications are received by the close by dates for each briefing.

Joining instructions will be emailed to participants soon after the close by date. If a briefing session is cancelled due to lack of numbers, an email will be sent out soon after the close by date.

An application form to nominate for the briefings with the policy document and some frequently asked questions (FAQ) are available to assist you. 

For further information on the above briefing sessions,  please Contact Us



SCEC Approved Locksmiths with an expiry date falling in 2015 or 2016 have been automatically extended to 30 March 2017. Arrangements for refresher briefings (likely to be held in early 2017) to be advised.

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